Monday, April 9, 2012

it's sunset and I come to you
dirty knees and ragged claws
begging for a place to lick my wounds

and my nerves sing starlight
I'm still this filth stained beast

but somewhere in the pit of my chest
our squalling fiend pauses
purrs through barbed comments

acknowledges my acceptance
this hovel is our holdfast
and in the pause


Sunday, April 1, 2012

want to rip the words from your mouth
grind them into the ground with my heel
let you see how pathetic they are

and as they scream in agony
last logic failing
last defences crumbling
they die with my sense of righteousness

and I am left bent over with grief
trying to rekindle the flame of my unfear
wanting to be the tornado I once was
but knowing

I am a widow clasping her grief to her chest
and wishing for the ignorance
that once was.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yes, YOU!
With your tuts
It's on TV
It's in music
It's infecting your children
Your grown children
Over twenty years of age
You're still sheltering them
From the freedom of choice

I am not the monster of your nightmares
I am a girl
A girl
A girl

I am not a robot
I feel every barb you tear into me with
Every sting on your tentacles
God I'm sorry
So sorry
For being something different to you
I think perhaps you'd understand
If I started crying.

Then you'd know
What it's like
Hearing those same asides
That old fortissimo

"Such a dyke."

Well, I am a fucking dyke
A rug muncher
A pervent
If that means that you can understand that I like more than one kind of person
Then I will take it
I will take every piece of slander you cast in my direction
If it means I can respect you again.
"I did actually try to say 'HHHHHHHHHH'. that's how cool I am. (Let's ignore the part where I also failed)"

"BRB. Crawling under this rock."

"im not allowed to cook... i burned salad. true story."

"hmmmm~ another slave? i suppose i can take you. just be glad i pay in brownies..."

"My new favorite word: haboob"

"That reminds me of flan"



"Yeah little boy Uterus... He is our pride and joy.
He will be a pimp just like me ;)"

"Didn't my swagger give it away? I drink beer, swear like a sailor, whistle at women as they walk by, play hockey and have a firm buttocks that the ladies just can't resist."

"Don't be like me and get stuck with 20 kids, a mistress, and a stalker who's cheating on her uninterested boyfriend.
It won't work out in the end.
True story. "

"Only a few bite and you might get licked by the occasional person, but otherwise, we're totally normal. :sean:

"Well mei, when a donkey and a dragon love each other very much they have special dragon and donkey hugs."


Friday, December 16, 2011

you have no idea how it feels.
all i want to do is scream
I want to break things
i want to cry
and cry
and cry
until someone hears and wants to help
all i'm searching for is acceptance
and you might feel open minded
but those little comments
that sneer you don't surpress
it's like a fucking knife in my throat.
sometimes when you speak
all i want to do is stand up and walk out
tell you that it hurts
make you feel the tightness at the back of my jaw
the sting in my eyes.
you have no idea how it feels.