Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Song -- Adrenalin

Streak ruby tears
Down my body
Drown my fears
In your misery
Adrenalin pumps
As you push, push
My chest bumps
On the tarmac

My heart stops --
And you hear the, hear the silence
One last scream
One last tear cried, then
And you're the train wreck
Throw yourself off my cliff
This is only soundcheck

Let's make it tragic
Fit for the screen
I'll die in white
So my blood is seen
Shot down
By my enemies
Screaming power
Sweet melodies

You're my drug
And I need my hit
Torture me
I wanna feel it
Whip my back
My every limb
Just make sure that
I get the adrenalin

I breath heavy, now
Gasps and pants
There's no time left
No time for ransoms or demands
Drag my body
Into the street
Leave me there
Make sure my lover finds me

Let me die in white
I want my blood to be seen
Write my name on the wall
In scarlet, please
Shot down
It's so tragic, now leave
Let the whole world know
What love means to me
Spit on my face
Film it so everyone sees
How the rich die
Make sure that I
Get the adrenalin


Adrenalin, -alin, -alin


Let me die in white
It's so innocent
Blood on the walls
Make me feel
Make me feel
Let the whole world know how I died
Whip my back
My every limb
Just make I get
The adrenalin

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Song -- Smile

Last night I yelled some pretty shit stuff at you
You just pushed me harder
And I'm sorry for using public humiliation
To get what I'm after
But you smile
And I shout
Anything I try to say
Doesn't come out... right

You get on your high horse
And ride away
I can't follow you
What would my friends say
If they knew what I really thought

Go on, be moral
A psychiatrists dream
I can't help but hate you
I just want to scream
Until you scream back

How hard do I push
To get retaliation?
Your face is flacid
It's no special occasion
Just another day, with me

So again I yell shit right at you
You nod and push harder
I lied, I'm not sorry, for the humiliation
I didn't get what I asked for
But you smile
The louder I shout
It seems the words
Never come out... Right?

So get up on your high horse
Ride the fuck away
I won't follow you
I don't care what my friends say
When they find out

I don't miss the fights at three in the morning
I don't miss the way you never call me
Perhaps there's a girl screaming at you right... now?

I don't miss yelling the same shit at you
The way you'd nod because you'd had a few
Too many, maybe tomorrow you'll be sober
I got what I asked for
You left, at last
The memories fade
The time has past
I don't shout any longer
And that's okay... right?