Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Song -- Smile

Last night I yelled some pretty shit stuff at you
You just pushed me harder
And I'm sorry for using public humiliation
To get what I'm after
But you smile
And I shout
Anything I try to say
Doesn't come out... right

You get on your high horse
And ride away
I can't follow you
What would my friends say
If they knew what I really thought

Go on, be moral
A psychiatrists dream
I can't help but hate you
I just want to scream
Until you scream back

How hard do I push
To get retaliation?
Your face is flacid
It's no special occasion
Just another day, with me

So again I yell shit right at you
You nod and push harder
I lied, I'm not sorry, for the humiliation
I didn't get what I asked for
But you smile
The louder I shout
It seems the words
Never come out... Right?

So get up on your high horse
Ride the fuck away
I won't follow you
I don't care what my friends say
When they find out

I don't miss the fights at three in the morning
I don't miss the way you never call me
Perhaps there's a girl screaming at you right... now?

I don't miss yelling the same shit at you
The way you'd nod because you'd had a few
Too many, maybe tomorrow you'll be sober
I got what I asked for
You left, at last
The memories fade
The time has past
I don't shout any longer
And that's okay... right?

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