Thursday, May 7, 2009

Listen to these when you are ... Sad

Just been dumped? Depressed? Need to cry until you freaking get over it? Listen to some of these, which are *in my opinion* some of the saddest songs in circulation.

Everytime -- Britney Spears

Memories -- Within Temptation

4 in the morning -- Gwen Stefani

Heard 'em say -- Kanye West feat. Adam Levine

505 -- Arctic Monkeys

Love song -- The Cure

Stan -- Eminem

El manana -- Gorillaz

Heartless -- Kanye West

Roses -- Kanye West

Thinking of you -- Katy Perry

Littlest things -- Lily Allen

Love story -- Nana Mouskouri

Who knew -- Pink

The sound of silence -- Simon and Garfunkel

Un-break my heart -- Toni Braxton

You're not sorry -- Taylor Swift

Ghetto gospel -- 2-Pac feat. Elton John

Stay with me -- Danity Kane

That last one never fails to make me cry. Seriously.

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