Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Song -- Mythical

If I asked you to fall,
Would you trust me?
And if I asked you to fly,
Would you leave me
A kiss on my brow
My heart in your hands
Serenading the sound
Of my deepest fears
I'll miss you when you go

I'm not an angel,
I was so sure you were
But you didn't fly
So I gave up on Earth
And I prayed to the heavens
To the ones they said didn't exist
Well they didn't help me
But you saw through my kiss
And you told me
Life's like this.



I may be a coward
I watched you fall
But I'm not a devil
Like you're no angel
I can be a demon
You can hate me
For all it's worth
I'll still love you
But you'll see through my kiss
And tell me
Life's like this.

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