Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh, mother me.

i'm feeling like
this right is wrong
this feeling's gone

i'm dancing like
i'd fight this song
hate this song
everything is wrong

and when you ask i'll say
nothing's changed
because it has
nothing's changed

and when she comes you know
i'd do it again
break you again
claw us down

don't try to tell me it's wrong
i don't love you, darling
don't try to tell me it's wrong
i'm not afraid of this heartache

so you put your arms around me
you just smother me
oh, mother me
mother me.

you can't let me be free
just try to help me
oh, mother me
loving me.

it's been two years and still i
i can't try to leave
it's been five months and yet i
i'm too tired to leave
cry to sleep

i know you're trying to help but
she's under me
all over me

i know you hold me tight but
you're not in my skin
injected in

so you just put your arms around me
you smother me
oh, mother me
mother me

you can't face that i'm me
but you cradle me
whisper 'baby'

'I'm trying to help you through this
'I know that you need to do this
'I don't want you to wake
'And find that we're all gone.'

Put your arms around me
try to smother me
why don't you mother me
mother me?

I don't need a bandage
try to stem the flow
it's time to
let me go!

put your helpless arms
back by your sides

oh sweet child

i will smother you
smother you

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