Saturday, January 9, 2010

Song -- He

He called me gorgeous
But my face looked like shit
He said 'Look forwards'
But I couldn't take it
He said he loved me
I couldn't say it back

My friend's excited
Don't want me to be alone
Bored and tired
Sitting by the phone
If only she knew
I turned that same phone off

And yes he's charming
And sometimes he's quite sweet
But I can never, ever seem to sleep
With him on my mind

He takes my hand and pulls me through the snow
I want to tell him
I just want to go
But his eyes they look so innocent

I'm just
Fooling him with my pretense
Duck diving for my defense
He can't see it
A fake smile apon my face
He's too caught up in the chase
If he can't see it

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