Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Song -- Jack

It;s cold out here, under the stars
I don't really know where you are
But I want you
I want you

I know it's wrong to stand and wait
For someone who is always late
But I want to

Did you get my text, it's fucking freezing
I shouldn't wait in the breezes
I've got goosebumps
And the neighbours are starting to talk
Are you coming back love
Are you coming.... Jack

I'm frozen here in your back yard
Watching the lights of the traffic pass
But I want you
I want you

I feel if I stay out here for too long
I'll die and you might never hear this song
I'll be forgtotten

Please pick up my calls, I need to be hearing
Your voice down the line; my head clearing
You give me goosebumps
And the neighbours have given up
Are you coming back love
Are you coming... Jack

I promise I won't get sick and die
If only you stay by my side
I'll be fine

I swear I'll make it through the days
To get a job and to be paid
If you stay

Please, please get my text I think I'm frozen
Out of time, out of this moment
The goosebumps go
The neighbours have all moved away
There's no reason you can't keep your promise
You said you'd always be honest
You said you'd come if I called

So did you get my text; I'm fucking freezing
I need a call; I need a reason
To keep living
As the memories they fade
Are you coming back?
Are you coming back?
Are you coming back, love?
Are you coming, Jack?


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