Saturday, December 19, 2009

Song -- Please miss me

I miss you a little more today
It's okay, I know where you are
I just can't seem to find our way
Back onto the path

Will you miss me when I change
Could you tell the difference
Will I still look the same
On the same track

And one day I promise I'll run from you
And I'll never come back
But please don't miss me
My heart has cracked
Oh it's not like it used to be
I know that you don't smile
At the things we used to
And I doubt you'd even try

I left you alone today
It's okay, you knew where I was
It's just not enough to pay
For another mix of muesli

Would you miss me if I died
And left you hanging o-o-on
Would you stay by my side
Until I broke

And one day I promise I'll run from you
So hold me closer
And breath calm, like you do
I'm not a racer
But I'll see it through

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